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Your Photos from our June 2019 issue

FIRE AND FURY, Kannur, Kerala: Legend has it that Kandanar Kelan, an ancient warrior, was out hunting when suddenly, there was a forest fire. With no means to escape, he climbed a tree in order to protect himself, but the fire consumed him. Later, a warrior god found Kandanar Kelan’s ashes in the ruined forest. He traced the fallen warrior’s form with a bow and brought him back to life. Theyyam celebrates both, Kandanar Kelan’s revival and his anger towards the fire that burned him alive.
Photographer: Reader Udayan Sankar Pal

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LIGHT OF DAWN Kolukkumalai, Kerala: This photograph was taken at Kolukkumalai in Munnar, Kerala, on a cold winter morning. Kolukkumalai is 7,130ft above sea level and 32km away from Munnar. Home to some of the highest tea plantations, it offers a spectacular view of the hills. When I was about to take a photo, the sun was rising behind a tiger-shaped rock formation, which looked like it was about to devour the sun.
Photographer: Reader Anand Kumar
JUST KEEP SWIMMING, The Maldives: The coral reefs of the Maldives are a safe haven for numerous marine species. Recently, I had the opportunity to explore the dive sites of South Male Atoll, which are accessible from Maafushi island. These dive sites are brimming with kaleidoscopic corals and dazzling varieties of colourful marine animals. While diving in a lagoon, we spotted an adorable green sea turtle resting on a rock and observing us curiously. I also spotted some triggerfish, bannerfish and butterflyfish while diving. Scuba diving in the Maldives is a bewitching experience.
Photographer: Reader Sandipan Dutta