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Your Photos from our August 2019 issue

OUT OF THE BLUE, Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia Driving down The Great Ocean Road is the perfect way to beat the blues. Rarely does a drive uplift your spirits the way this one does. Every kilometre presents a photo opportunity and you are left wondering if the scene before you is a dream. During a visit to Melbourne, I decided to take on the Great Ocean Road with a friend. To me, this picture is an ode to the colour blue and its many hues. While capturing the photo, I was tempted to zoom in, in an attempt to capture the foliage in the foreground to balance the picture and the colours. Thankfully, it was a sunny and clear day, adding depth to the composition, while the waves created interesting patterns. Even now, when I look at this photo, it puts a smile on my face.
Photographer: Rear Admiral Sanjay Roye

This is your section entirely; we invite you, our readers, to send in photographs of special moments on your travels, little events or vistas that struck a chord or made you laugh.

Tell us what you were doing there, and how this photograph came to be.
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EYE SPY Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh This picture was taken on an early morning safari. The tigress sat hidden in some foliage, right next to the jeep we were in. She slowly emerged and paused for just a bit, which is when I managed to snap off these pictures.
Photographer: Reader Rohan Sachdeva
PEAK-A-BOO Munsiyari, Uttarakhand On a family trip to Uttarakhand, I was determined to capture a shot of the mountains at sunrise. As I was setting up my camera, I noticed two tiny clouds creeping up from behind the highest peak of the Panchachuli range. With the mountains covered in the soft light of the morning sun, I knew I just had to capture this calm and beautiful scene.
Photographer: Reader Sandip Roy Choudhury