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Your photos in our September 2019 issue

HEAR ME ROAR, Maasai Mara, Africa: African bush safaris are incredible, because there’s always a chance you might stumble upon something truly magical. This was one such moment – a lioness taking her cubs out for the very first time. Our guide enthusiastically and animatedly explained that this particular lioness had not been spotted for over a month and everyone was worried about her whereabouts. But, now, the mystery was solved. The tiny, month-old cubs stared at us curiously, and, before we knew it, one began to run in our direction, only to be stopped by its mother. Determined, the cub then gave us its best impression of a growl and quickly withdrew behind mom, while its siblings looked on, amused. Our entire safari group couldn’t get over these cute little furballs. It was truly a magical moment, and I am so glad I got to be a part of it.
Photographer: Reader Kunal Gupta

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TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF Prague, Czechia: Autumn, without a doubt, is the best time to visit Prague. It earned its nickname – “The Golden City” – thanks to its rich autumn colours of copper, yellow and crimson. As the trees slowly shed their leaves, Prague’s gardens, roads and pavements turn into a colourful rug of fallen foliage.
Photographer: Reader Raghav Sethi
A WATCHFUL EYE Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu: The Mahabalipuram lighthouse has a rich history. The first lighthouse was commissioned here in 1887. It was a circular masonry tower made of natural stone and was fully functional by 1904. The one standing today is a stone masonry circular tower. Its exterior is left unpainted, so as to blend in with the surroundings.
Photographer: Reader Sadiqur Rehman
YAK AND HILL Leh, Jammu & Kashmir: On a recent trip to Leh, we travelled across the awe-inspiring Changthang Plateau to Hanle. The beauty of this landscape cannot be described in words and needs to be witnessed first-hand. Just past the Loma check post, I spotted a lone yak lazily crossing the road. The sky and mountains made a perfect backdrop.
Photographer: Reader Vasanth