The Photo Story: Subway Surfing

Photographs: Keegan Crasto
Words: Eamonn Ennis

A week in photographs riding alongside an average New Yorker

AS WE DESCEND INTO THE SUBWAY, the cacophony of honking cars, jabbering people and endlessly-noisy street vendors slowly gives way to a sound even more familiar to the New York citizen. With the rotation of the turn styles, the muttering of people on their phones, and the shuffling of feet, the unorganised chaos of life above ground slowly melds into the slightly more organised chaos of subterranean transit.

Ironically, this twice-a-day period of an hour each way is when the various people of NYC come together in quiet contemplation as they ride to and from work. The faces  are different, yet somehow similar in expression. Each one’s background, job and status melts away as they become part of this daily exodus. Passengers together in this race of life.

In a strange way, this is their time of solitude and contemplation, when they can let their minds wander as their bodies take over. Muscle memory keeps them going. Here, below the blinding lights of the city, people can lose themselves within themselves. Contemplating deep thoughts, listening to music, reading a good book, the methodologies are as different as their culture, but the goal is the same – a New York minute of simply being themselves.