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From our Editor: Time to plan a summer getaway….

Photographer: Sorincolac/123RF

It’s just the beginning of 2020, and already most of us are ready for a break. Come May each year, you’ll find me in someplace nice on a well-planned break. In 2018, it was Italy on a holiday that forever ruined pasta back home for me. Last year, it was Turkey, a magical fortnight filled with meandering and road trips and so much good food. This year, well, this year, family health circs have dictated that we couldn’t do our usual October-for-May planning, and so the whole world’s open before us…

Which means we, like you, now have three months to decide where to go on a summer holiday. With this issue in hand, it just might be Switzerland, laid out in our feature for four very different groups of travellers, but, which, I guarantee it, will have you wanting to explore all the four mini-itineraries. It could very easily be Bangkok, so accessible and with that marvellous potential to always surprise you with something new. The sun-seekers among you will love our Florida Travelist, which bares the Keys for your enjoyment, while long-distance travellers will certainly be tempted by our very local take on Buenos Aires. We’ve even detailed a ride on the Inlandsbanan in Sweden, and there’s a bonus story to pique your interest in Burning Man out in the desert in Nevada come August.

This issue marks the beginning of our 11th year, and what a wonderful journey this has been! We hope this decade to inspire more conscious travel. Yes, the ‘Beam Me Up, Scotty!’ transportation technique has not been developed beyond Star Trek, and we might still need to fly, but we will motivate you to discover our wonderful planet in other, more mindful ways.

Happy travels to us all!

– Primrose Monteiro-D’Souza