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High 5 Surf’s Up

Photographer: Jyothy Karat

The waves are wild – in a good way – across India. Here are five places to hang 10


  1. Kovalam, Tamil Nadu
    Don’t confuse this place with the Kovalam of Kerala; although they share the same name, the two beaches couldn’t be more different. This Kovalam, also called Covelong, is a small fishing village a short drive from Chennai – which makes it an easy weekend getaway. Many of the guests come here from nearby resorts, but you can come just to surf too. Ocean Delight is a surf school run by two of India’s best surf athletes – Appu and Vicky. They’ve made it their mission to give back to the local fishing community by training the local kids in surfing and by making the community aware of sustainability.
  2. Ashwem Beach, North Goa
    This is, arguably, the best beach in North Goa – both for surfing and everything else you’d like on holiday. There’s plenty of resorts and restaurants, but it still affords you some amount of privacy. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned surfer, leave your surfboard back home and rent one from a surf shop here. Try a surf lesson at Vaayu Ocean Adventures. The guys here also provide other services like wakeboarding, kite surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and boating – which affords you a good opportunity to try a few other things when you are taking a break from surfing. A good time to visit is October through April.
  3. Mulki, Mangalore
    Run by the famous Surfing Swamis, Mantra Surf Club was set up in Mulki almost 15 years ago, and has nurtured a new generation of young talented surfers. Tanvi Jagdish, who has represented India in world events in recent years, also trains here. Depending on the season, you’ll find waves of varying sizes. The locals are friendly, and the currents safe. There is also yoga, kayaking, boating and cycling offered here. And, Mantra organises surf tours around the globe. Be sure to sign up!

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