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From the Editor: This month, we’re turning five!


By VARDHAN KONDVIKAR, Editor, Lonely Planet Magazine India

This month, we’re turning five.

Longer than some governments. Though shorter than some lunch breaks, to be fair.

And we’ve got some serious miles under our feet in that time – starting with our first feature in Turkey, past Bali and Orissa and Arunachal Pradesh and the Orkneys and San Diego and we’ve, well, had some fun. We’ve learnt more than we bargained for, we’ve plunged countries underwater by writing about them, and we’ve, hopefully, taken you everywhere with us. And, most important, we’ve made some friends on the way.

To all the people who send in postcards, opinions, rants and sometimes incredibly touching stories – thank you. You’re more part of the family than you realise. And I hope you stay that way – without you, we’d be ghouls with no purpose in life. Also, we wouldn’t have jobs, so thank you again.

This month, we’re celebrating with a double whammy: one of the best story line-ups we’ve ever had, and a big, technicolour redesign. You’ll see a very different look on our pages, more vibrant and colourful, while, hopefully, still being as useful as ever. You’ll see fresh new sections, cool little pieces of information popping up (check out the At A Glance box in our China story), and a very new feel.

And there’s big, juicy, serious travel, the kind where your eyes pop out thinking about how little you knew these places. Trinidad and Tobago, which makes you want to quit your job, Manipur, where a single battle changed the course of history (if it had gone the other way, you’d be reading this in Japanese). There’s the perfect itinerary across China, and
a belly-bursting story on the food in Chicago. And, yes, a giant metal elephant in France.

Hey, when we party, we really, really party.