Max Out South Delhi: Smart Stays

Photographer: KRISHNA ANGIRA

Where you choose to stay when you travel is an important part of your overall experience. These characterful B&Bs, which are extensions of the personality of their owners, can add heart to your stay. That most come with flexible breakfast timings, free wi-fi, attached bathrooms, a mix of international and Indian guests, and safety for single women travellers are just some the perks of staying here.


ON THE HOUSE: Tucked away in a leafy, neighbourhood, On The House is one of those gems you want to keep to yourself. Decorated with colour and eclectic flair, each room has a thematic personality all its own. A very English, stylishly-pink, rose-themed room, sits next to an altogether Orientally disposed one. The flamboyant spirit extends to the terrace garden, which showcases the serenity of this neighbourhood. The family and the staff is warm and welcoming. Room rates at the moment are too good to be true, so visit before a revision in price is contemplated.

SAKET BED AND BREAKFAST: ‘Comfortable’ and ‘peaceful’ are some of the adjectives used when describing this home-away-from-home. The rooms have a relaxed aesthetic, and it feels like you’re staying in a quintessential Dilli home with friends. The owner, Anand, is very hands-on, always ready to share what he loves about the city. The breakfast table, against a backdrop of potted plants, comes dotted with a mix of cosmopolitan guests.

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