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Max out Goa: Panjim Heritage Walk

The quintessential colours of ancient Goa: ochre and white houses lining the streets of Fontainhas and Sao Tomé; the imposing Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church
Photographer: Jeremiah Christanand Rao



It’s the story of Panjim that’s freely told but rarely heard by visitors, the beauty of the past lining the streets hidden in plain sight. A heritage walk around the charming districts of Fontainhas and Sao Tomé will have you gawking in awe at just how beautiful it is. Add an extremely knowledgeable local guide (see Good to Know) who unveils her history with fascinating tales, and your day will turn out to be quite an interesting one.

It wasn’t until the late 18th century that Panjim started to flourish and that too only after the fall of Old Goa as the erstwhile capital. Prior to that, Panjim was a fishing village, a marshy land devoid of the architectural wonders of today. The city’s oldest heritage building, and a beautiful one at that, is the riverside Idalcao Palace, which was built by Yusuf Adil Shah. It was later taken over by the Portuguese, turned into residences for the viceroys and, eventually, the (former) Secretariat Building.


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