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Postcards from our June 2015 issue

Go bald: The Kenai Peninsula shelters a wealth of wildlife. We saw many bald eagles at a distance, but we wanted a closer look. With a guide’s help, we went to a treehouse that was closed from all sides, but with holes for our lenses. I visited for three days, hoping to get a perfect picture. On the third, I was close to losing patience, but the guide asked me to wait, and, sure enough, this bald eagle settled on a tree about 20ft from us. I took the photo just as she turned to look at us.
Photographer: KENAI PENINSULA, ALASKA by Randeep Singh

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Hue’s there: I was visiting Kerala with the family. We had just reached Kumarakom and I was exhausted from the day’s drive from Munnar. Just as I was entering my room, I saw a golden light on the horizon. What I thought were the poolside lights turned out, instead, to be a beautiful sunset. As the sun went down and the colours changed, a fisherman showed up with his boat, adding depth to an already pretty picture. It was, by far, the most breathtaking sunset I have ever seen.
Photographer: Kumarakom, Kerala by Arshdeep Kaur
Three wise men: I took this photograph of three men in deep conversation at the Nanak Jhira Sahib Gurdwara near Bidar, and it evoked a sense of peace and reverence in my mind. The calming effect of the ripples, the fluidity of the arches, and the camaraderie between the three men worked so well in this moment that it made this striking image come alive.
Photographer: BIDAR, KARNATAKA by Udayan Sankar Pal