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Postcards from our July 2015 issue

SHAN HILLS, MYANMAR – Hooked on: We spotted this Intha fisherman during our trip to Inle Lake in Myanmar. The Intha people are known for their one-legged rowing. How does this work? The fishermen propel their flat-bottomed skiffs by placing one leg on the stern and wrapping the other leg around the oar to drive the blade through the water in a snake-like motion.
Photographer: Dr Anita Kothiala

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HOOLLONGAPAR GIBBON SANCTUARY, ASSAM – Aping about: Hoolock gibbons are usually shy and use the dense forests they inhabit as cover. On a recent photographic safari, I tried – and failed – to capture a family of these gibbons at the sanctuary. It was difficult to capture them in their habitat as they kept jumping from one tree to another at lightning speed. I had almost given up, when, suddenly, I came across this male gibbon, who was sitting perfectly still, making for a perfect picture.
Photographer: Randeep Singh
RUPSHU VALLEY, LADAKH – Keeping track: Last January, an unfortunate landslide on the Zanskar River forced us to reroute our trip to Ladakh. This unexpected turn of events brought us face to face with the lesser explored parts of Ladakh. I took this picture in a village near Tso (lake) Moriri. Barring a handful of villagers, their animals, and a police camp, we were probably the only ones who visited that place during winter, when the temperature dropped to a freezing –37° C. These tracks were the only sign of civilisation there that day.
Photographer: Sourjya Roy