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Postcards from our September 2015 issue

KULLU, HIMACHAL PRADESH Colour Pop! The Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) is in a remote corner of Himachal Pradesh. The only signs of humanity you will see are in a few, far-flung village outposts. Each is no more than a small, huddled group of five to 10 mud-and-wood huts. It was in one such village that we spotted this little girl. She sat there, at the edge of the house, dressed in a riot of colours, sporting pink gumboots and gazing at us with a look of trepidation mixed with curiosity.
Photographer: Kunal Gupta

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Tell us what you were doing there, and how this photograph came to be.
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ISTANBUL, TURKEY Busking in the sun: While walking along the streets of Istanbul, you will see a busker – a street performer – around every corner. Some of them may be found playing alone, while others may have a crowd surrounding them, gladly parting with their money to listen to good music.
Photographer: Pravin Shekar
ALLEPPEY, KERALA Why so blue? Alleppey Beach has always been one of my favourite beaches in Kerala. And the Alleppey Sea Bridge, pictured here, was once the greatest of its kind in India. However, following years of decay, the bridge has completely fallen to pieces. I took this picture because the remains of this bridge – the pillars and partial frames – look beautiful from an artistic perspective, and I've always loved taking long-exposure shots of water bodies.
Photographer: Vipul Prasad