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Postcards from our October 2015 issue

GHENT, BELGIUM: Silent night: It was a cold winter night in December, and I had only 20 minutes to explore Ghent on my way to Brussels. I was walking about when I noticed these three women walking along a bridge lit up by street lamps. The snow, coupled with the lights, made the scene magical and inspired me to take this photograph
Photographer: SANDIP BOSE

This is your section entirely; we invite you, our readers, to send in photographs of special moments on your travels, little events or vistas that struck a chord or made you laugh.
Tell us what you were doing there, and how this photograph came to be.
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DIGHA, ORISSA: Seas the day: Orissa’s Udaipur, unlike its namesake in Rajasthan, is an unexplored virgin beach. Far from the bustle of the city, it is dotted with casuarina trees. You might find yourself all alone here, with the exception of a few huts belonging to fishermen. These fisherfolk also run makeshift stalls on the beach, cooking and selling freshly-caught fish.
NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK, KENYA: Walk a-long: It was evening and we were returning from the national park after having seen some beautiful animals there. Little did we realise that there was another surprise awaiting us. A group of giraffes was playing in the middle of the dirt track, and we stopped our safari vehicle so as to not get in their way. I captured this moment on my camera when one of the tall beauties starting walking away.
Photographer: SHWETA ARORA