The WHO has classified Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a global pandemic.

Find out what this means for travelers.


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Looking for a reason to travel? We’ve got 50 of them! The August 2018 issue of Lonely Planet Magazine India brings you 50+ reasons to make you take a trip around the world!

We guide you on how to TRAVEL CITIES DIFFERENTLY. We give you enough reasons to SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY. We show you how to FIND ADVENTURE. We give you a much-needed break from your daily routine and help you become ONE WITH NATURE. We send you on a trip around the globe to FIND FOODS AT THEIR SOURCE. And, with a zillions trips to pick from, we also help you MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR BUDGET. And, then, here’s an invitation to discover secret SANTIAGO, CHILE, in eight easy steps, find the PERFECT SCOTCH EGG, and explore ARIZONA beyond the Grand Canyon!

And, for those who wish to travel within the country, our Easy Trips section has a few options that might interest you. Pamper yourself in UDAIPUR, RAJASTHAN. Join Chef Amit Pamnani on a unique culinary trail across INDORE, MADHYA PRADESH. Marvel at stunning havelis, grand royal cenotaphs and ornate ceiling art in BIKANER, RAJASTHAN. Discover bookstores, breweries and much more in BANGALORE, KARNATAKA. Set out to explore the gorgeous stone-stacked temples hidden among the deodars in JAGESHWAR, UTTARAKHAND.

PLUS: We’ve got easy-to-tear-fold-and-carry Mini Guides – plan a great weekend in ANTWERP, BELGIUM; satisfy your taste buds in AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT; and get creative in the GLASGOW, SCOTLAND.

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