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Lonely Planet Magazine India November 2014

I’m planning trips in my head.

– Vardhan Kondvikar, Editor, LPMI

More than usual, I mean, and not for the magazine. It’s sweaty and miserable in Mumbai – even the usually reliable sea breezes are behaving like eels at the bottom of a tank of molasses – and I find myself dreaming about other places. Places where I need a fireplace would be just peachy, but I’ll take anything that’s at least a couple of degrees cooler. Actually, even

warmth is fine, as long as I don’t have to go to work with my shirt glued to my back.

Cambodia – warm, but far, far away from my desk, and very easy to get to – seems to fit the bill, no? It’s quite sensationally beautiful, it’s eminently affordable, and it has this perfect holiday-ey combination of great things to see and that nice tropical feel that lets you wallow in the water and hurl your cell phone into the distance with a happily deranged chuckle.

Closer to home, we’ve raided Bangalore’s closets while it wasn’t looking, and come up with a genuinely massive list of its best-kept secrets, from bookstores stocking the things its owners would want their kids to read, to tucked-away restaurants and the best live-music spots in town,

with generous helpings of craft beer and 70-year-old guides along the way. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a terrific city.

And if “slightly cool” doesn’t work for you (yes, I too love the feel of having to wrap up before you step outside), there’s Switzerland. Not always a winter destination for us Indians, it’s actually really fun when it’s under a layer of vanilla frosting, so we’ve listed five of the best things you can do to enjoy the Helvetian winter – including hot springs, which sound to me like the best way ever to enjoy cold weather.

The plus side? They’re ridiculously easy to get to. The downside? You’ll find me there.