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  • Best Escapes South India

    The southern states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh offer an inimitable flavour of unique traditions, rich culture, architectural grandeur, vibrant performing arts and spicy cuisine. Bordered by three seas, a beach is always close by. Move inland for an encounter with coconut groves, plantations and forests, giving green respite.

    This travel guide contains:

    • Four states of South India – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu extensively covered.
    • Unique trip planner with each chapter on how to get there, a suggested itinerary for the place, best time to visit and what it’s great for.
    • Captures Top 15 Experiences and reveals hidden gems.
    • Top 4 Highlights of each state to experience each one at its best.
    • Expert recommendations tell you about what not to miss in South India.
    • Reviews of accommodation, eating joints, shopping, nightlife and activities of various destinations in each state.
    • Easy maps for each state with clearly marked, numbered highlights.
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