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    The valleys, deserts and palm-lined beaches are all well and good, but it can get hot down there. India’s princes and British colonials long used cool mountain towns as refuges from the heat, and today the hill stations still have lush forests and crisp mountain air. So curl up under a blanket with a steaming cup of local tea and watch mountain birds swooping over misty hillsides, moody clouds passing over undulating hills of bulbous tea trees and village kids running through mountain fog and wildflowers.

    This travel guide contains:

    • Details about eighty hill stations across the country.
    • Information on how to reach destinations by air, rail and road.
    • Planning information and value-for-money ideas.
    • More than 250 hotels listed.
    • Best of local food and fine dining recommendations.
    • Tips from experts on best photo-ops, treks and local cuisine.
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