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  • Best places to visit in January

    The new year has been welcomed with lots of celebrations and revelry. To some, this might be the year of activities, while for others, it is just another year of work and relaxation. For those who top their resolutions’ list…

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  • Weekend escapes in January

    Nature’s bounty, adventurous sport activities, heritage monuments, abundant wildlife, laid back beaches or magnificent mountains to trek- your dream vacation can readily be fulfilled. Don’t make any extra efforts on planning for leaves, just utilise your weekends this month and…

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  • 18 reasons for you to travel in 2018

    It is that time of the year when everyone starts making their New Year resolutions.  Here are 18 reasons that will convince you as to why you need to add Travel to the top of this list in 2018. 1-…

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  • Top 10 Most Romantic International Honeymoon Destinations

    Once the fun and revelry of the wedding conclude, it’s time to set the foundation stone of the ‘and they lived happily ever after….’ phase of life with a memorable honeymoon. Whether it’s watching the magical Northern Lights, enjoying a…

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  • A heritage village in Himachal Pradesh: Garli

    At times it is surprising what all India has to offer. I have travelled extensively across North India and explored many nooks and corners of Himachal Pradesh but did not know that tucked away in the foothills near Dharamsala lies…

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  • Best winter Sun destinations in India

    The air is chilly and the cold season is at its peak in major parts of the country, so it’s time to head off to warmer places for a holiday. Some of the winter Sun destinations that you may want…

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  • Top travel destinations for 2018

    A land of staggering diversity, India fills all the senses with wonder. From its ancient heritage and traditions to its magnificent architecture and stunning landscapes, the country offers something for every kind of traveller. Here are some of the best…

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  • Festivals of the month: January

    January, the month of transitions and new beginnings, sets the tone with some of the most interesting festivals. And the chill in the air at this time adds that perfect dash of magic and masti to its veritable smorgasbord. Take…

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  • India's first Scuba diving festival

    Located about three hours from Mangalore, Murudeshwar is a quiet beach and temple town that gained spotlight after recently hosting India’s first scuba diving festival. Read More: Diving off the Maldives Read More: 8 new skills you can learn while travelling  

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  • Honeymoon destinations in India

    Tying the knot soon? Then you must be looking at options for a picture-perfect honeymoon. Take your pick from the list of some stunning Indian destinations we’ve drawn up for you – from those offering walks on sun-kissed beaches to…

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